Afghan hound golden retriever mix

Afghan hound golden retriever mix

If you’re considering getting an afghan hound and golden retriever mix dog, you’ve probably wondered about the breed standard. This article covers the Breed standard, health concerns, exercise, and resemblance to a golden retriever. Then you can decide whether or not this is the dog for you. If you love golden retrievers, this is a perfect choice! It’s a fun, low-maintenance pet with plenty of personality!

Breed standard

The Afghan hound was first recognized by the AKC in 1926, but it was only during the late 1970s that it became popular again. The Afghan is an elegant and well-balanced dog with a silky coat, making it look like a star. The long legs and slender head make it perfect for working, but the Afghan hound’s distinctive doughnut-shaped tail makes it look even more like a star.

Health concerns

Although the Afghan hound and golden retriever mixes are very similar in appearance, their health concerns are very different from their purebred parents. Afghan hounds have certain medical conditions, which may not be inherited from their parents, including eye problems, cancer, and heart diseases. Afghan hounds are also prone to conditions such as Von Willebrand’s disease, which can cause heart failure. Other health concerns of the Afghan hound include Canine Hip Dysplasia and Eosinophilic Panostosteitis. However, these health issues are not common in all Afghans.


An Afghan hound is an elegant purebred dog known for its loyalty and courage. This breed has a graceful gait, long muzzle, almond-shaped eyes and a thick textured coat. While most dogs are difficult to train, the Afghan hound can become quite stubborn. For this reason, Afghan owners should not attempt to adopt this breed as a first-time pet if they do not have enough experience with dogs.

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Resemblance to a golden retriever

The resemblance between an Afghan hound and a golden retriever is striking. The Afghan hound is a breed of crossbreed canines. They were originally purchased and dumped. A golden retriever is the epitome of a family companion, and the Afghan hound has a more mellow temperament. Although the two breeds share many characteristics, the main difference is the size and personality. Both dogs are large, but the Afghan hound is smaller boned than the Golden Retriever. They have a thick wavy coat and are available in many colors.


While the Afghan hound has a low level of intelligence, breeders insist that they are extremely smart and clever. While this can be challenging to train, they are not inherently aggressive. Their independent nature means they are not always interested in pleasing their master. Afghans are not always good at greeting guests or cuddling. Even if you do manage to train your Afghan hound, he may become antagonistic in the long run.

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