Afghan hound temperament

Afghan hound temperament

Before buying an Afghan hound, you should understand the dog’s personality, as there are several differences between the breed’s clownish, aloof, and intelligent personalities. Here are some tips for identifying the best dog for your home:


The Afghan hound is an elegant breed with a distinct regal carriage and long, swaying locks. Though independent and strong-willed, the Afghan hound’s temperament can be standoffish and even feral. During training, the dog should be consistently rewarded with affection and attention. Even though Afghans are typically aloof, the dog can also be playful, affectionate, and sociable.


The Afghan Hound is the oldest breed of dog in the world. They are dignified and independent. The first American-bred Afghan Hound was named clownish, due to its antics. These dogs are also known for being among the least intelligent of dog breeds. But their clownishness is more than just an appearance. They have many hidden talents, including double-suspension, executing a double-suspension, and keeping their lean appearance.


Although Afghan Hounds aren’t considered the dumbest dogs in the world, their intelligence is ranked pretty low compared to other breeds. Dogs with the highest intelligence are highly motivated by food and easily biddable, while Border Collies and Labrador Retrievers are easy to train. The Afghan Hound was originally bred to hunt on their own and lead humans to their prey. As a result, they are intelligent and responsive to human moods and social signals.


Afghan hound sensitivity is important to keep in mind when choosing a dog. Despite their small build, they are fast and have excellent running ability. They can sprint long distances, and their long legs help them cover a lot of ground in short periods of time. Their endurance and sensitivity are important to keep in mind when selecting an Afghan hound for your home. If you’re worried about your pet’s sensitivity, you can choose a different breed.

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The Afghan hound temperament is independent, and is characterized by playful behavior. However, it is not an aggressive dog. Despite this independent nature, the Afghan Hound is known to be wary of strangers and is sometimes mischievous. Some Afghans have even been known to steal objects from their owners’ homes, or open dresser drawers and snatch their owner’s clothes. This behavior is completely natural, but Afghan owners must exercise patience and respect when training their dogs.

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