Borzoi afghan hound mix -pinterest

Borzoi afghan hound mix -pinterest

If you are considering purchasing a Borzoi Afghan Hound mix, you are certainly curious about what makes this particular breed so unique. This article will provide you with information regarding the ancestors of this breed, Characteristics, and Personality traits, and cost. After you have completed reading this article, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision about your new pet.

borzoi afghan hound mix ancestors

The borzoi has a long, sleek head, similar to that of a greyhound, which makes it possible that the two breeds shared the same ancestors. These two breeds, which both hunt by sight, have their origins in the Russian sheepdog and bearhound. They also share genetics with the Tatar hunting dogs. The breed’s standard dates from around 1650, and the breed today shows very few variations.

The Borzoi was not bred to guard a home. Their purpose was to alert their owners to strange characters. They are also a sighthound and are therefore predisposed to chase fast-moving objects. The breed is not suitable for households with high levels of stress, and is not recommended for families with many shouting matches. However, it is possible to raise a Borzoi with a small dog or a cat.


The Borzoi is a popular dog breed that is ranked 96th in the AKC’s list of registered breeds. This breed is known for its speed and laid-back personality. While they enjoy sprinting, they also love to spend their days lounging around the house. If you’re looking for a loyal companion that will spend its days with you, a Borzoi may be the perfect match for you.

The Borzoi is an agile, athletic hound that is capable of hunting large game in cold climates. While the breed is larger than the greyhound, it still retains the same general build and temperament. The jaws of a Borzoi should be strong enough to bring down a wolf if necessary. Its coat is flat, curly, or wavy and provides protection from the cold. The coat should flow when the dog is standing.

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Personality traits

One of the best features of the Borzoi breed is its laid-back, gentle temperament. While many people perceive the Borzoi as a low-maintenance breed, this is not always the case. This breed does require regular grooming, regular exercise, and positive reinforcement-based training. However, they are a fantastic family pet. The following are some of the common personality traits of a Borzoi.

This tall, lanky breed of dog likes attention and a long walk. The Borzoi has a silky coat that is flat, wavy, or curly. This dog also has curly hair on its head, neck, and front legs. They are known for being odor and dirt-resistant. While these traits make them a great choice for families, they are not suitable for households with small children.


If you are planning to get a Borzoi Afghan hound mix as a dog, you should know its cost. This breed has a very thick coat that is long, silky, and wavy. The fur is usually feathered and may be flat, wavy, or curly. Although these dogs are not known for their intelligence, they are very obedient and will not bite.

The first year of ownership for a Borzoi will cost about $1200. This will cover the initial vaccinations and fecal examination, as well as the first vaccinations for heartworm and flea prevention. The subsequent years of your dog’s life will cost approximately $425. This does not include the cost of spaying or neutering. The cost of gastropexy may be another $150 to $400.

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