Golden retriever afghan hound mix

Golden retriever afghan hound mix

Before purchasing a golden retriever afghan hound dog mix, make sure you know a few things about the breed. These factors include its life span, cost, socialization, and characteristics. Read on to find out if this dog is right for you. You may be pleasantly surprised! Listed below are the most important factors you need to know. If you’re still not sure, consider these tips to make your decision easier.


The golden retriever afghan hound mix has some characteristics in common with the Afghan. The Afghan has a low body fat reserve, so exercise is essential for its health. It can also develop lameness due to abnormal development of joint cartilage. However, weight gain in this cross is unlikely. This type of dog is often not a great match for small children. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid these problems.


When a Golden Retriever and an Afghan hound mix are bred together, the result is an independent, goofy dog with the same sweet nature. They are intelligent and loyal, and they both need plenty of exercise. The Afghan Hound, on the other hand, is very independent and does not make a great guard dog. However, they are a good family dog that will need some socialization and training as a puppy.


The Afghan Hound and Golden Retriever mix is one of the most unusual dog breeds available. This breed of dog is a cross between two dogs with similar temperaments: the Golden Retriever and the Afghan Hound. Although there are many differences between the two breeds, most of them have similar physical attributes. The Afghan Hound is larger than the Golden Retriever and can reach a height of around 27 inches at the shoulder. They weigh between 50 and 60 pounds, making them ideal for large apartment-size dwellings.

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The Golden Retriever and the Afghan Hound mix is quite sociable dogs but requires proper socialization. The Afghan Hound is a member of the hunting dog breed, which is why it is not friendly to new people and is not a good choice for families with small children. The Afghan Hound has a distinct personality that makes it difficult to train. In order to help them learn the proper way to interact with other people, it is important to socialize them.

Health care

If you’re considering getting an Afghan Hound, you’ll need to pay close attention to the health care of your new dog. While this breed won’t necessarily have the same health problems as its purebred parents, it’s still a good idea to know what to watch out for. In general, your veterinarian will check the dog’s eye health, skin condition, and tail. He will also perform blood and urinalysis tests, as well as check for any conditions.

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