How to teach a dog stay

How to teach a dog stay

There are several different ways to teach your dog to stay. These include: Cues, Environment, Proofing and Treats. Here are some tips:


Teaching a dog stay is one of the most important behavior skills you can teach your pet. This basic command will keep your pet safe and anchored in one spot, even when there are distractions around. You should break this command down into three separate parts: distance, duration, and distraction. Here are some cues to use when teaching your dog stay. Once you have mastered these three components, you can begin to teach your dog the rest of the commands.


A simple trick to get your puppy to stay is to use treats as a cue. You can tie a toy or rope to a door handle and cue your dog when it is in the down position. Once he stays, praise and reward him. If your dog manages to stay, hold a treat in a way that encourages him to stay. Once he has stayed, say, “COME”.


You’ve probably heard the term “proofing” many times. But what does it actually mean? It simply means to check whether the behavior you’re trying to instill will work in different situations. Proofing is important, because it’s what helps your dog become more resilient to temptation. Here are some ways to proof a dog’s stay. Keep in mind that different dogs have different tastes, so you must think about your dog’s likes before you begin.

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To begin with, you should focus on staying within a short distance from your dog and keeping the environment distraction-free. Gradually increase the distance and try to hold eye contact for longer periods of time. Start with a short distance, like a few feet, and work your way up to more distance. Once your dog has the hang of staying in a short distance, you can move on to longer distances and more complex environments.

Making your voice sharp

There are many different ways to reprimand a dog when it breaks a rule. A sharp voice will grab the dog’s attention and encourage him to stay. The key is to avoid using physical punishment, since this only reinforces the behavior and makes the dog wary. Instead, make your voice sharp and use different tones to communicate different messages. In addition, use different words and phrases to encourage your dog to stay.

Using a marker

There are several methods of training your dog to stay. One method is to use a positive marker like a treat. When your dog performs a stay command, it will be rewarded with the treat or the’stay’ word. But, many dog owners accidentally teach their dog to associate the positive marker with the word ‘all done.’ However, this method can also be problematic when teaching heeling.

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