How to teach a dog to fetch a ball

How to teach a dog to fetch a ball

If your dog refuses to chase the ball, you can try teaching him to fetch it by hiding a treat inside of the ball. Then, gradually increase the amount of time it takes before he drops the toy. If you’re having trouble, consider using a soft toy to teach your pup this basic trick. Listed below are some tips to help you start the training process. These tips will help you make the process less frustrating for you and your dog.

Hidden treats in a ball

One of the easiest ways to teach a dog to fetch is to hide treats in a ball. First, place about 20 treats in a room and give a cue to your dog. When the dog finds the treats, praise and reward him for coming. Eventually, you can try hiding different treats in different locations. After a few tries, he’ll learn to find the treats on his own.

Adding a cue

You can add a cue to the toss game and train your dog to fetch a ball by holding a piece of paper or a ball a few feet away from the dog. Then, click or treat the dog whenever it holds the item. Once the dog has mastered the toss command, add the cue to the game by saying “give!” when your hands reach the object. If your dog doesn’t immediately retrieve the object, vary the duration of the “give” cue.

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Slowly increasing the amount of time between your dog taking a toy and dropping it

If your dog often drops its toys, you can gradually increase the time between you calling him to drop the toy and rewarding him by giving a treat. Start by giving a command such as “drop it,” then hold out an empty treat hand and let him take the toy from your hand. After a few seconds, give a treat and then release him.

Choosing a soft toy for a dog

If your dog doesn’t understand the word “fetch,” you should start off by teaching him how to retrieve using a soft toy. Dogs that love tug-of-war can also be taught to fetch with a soft toy. You can reward him for running after his toy by providing it with treats. After a few minutes, your dog may be willing to perform the task on command.

Rewarding your dog when he holds onto a toy

Rewarding your dog when he holds on to a toy is an important step in teaching a dog to retrieve a ball. You should give your dog a treat each time he manages to hold onto the toy for longer than a few seconds. You can also reward him when he gets close to the toy or touches it.

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