How to teach a dog to give paw

How to teach a dog to give paw

Giving a paw is a natural movement for puppies, which they do to stimulate the milk flow of a nursing mother. When you train your dog to give a paw, immediately praise him and say the command. Ideally, you should choose different commands for this behaviour. For instance, you should not give him a treat every time he gives a paw. Instead, reward the behavior with praise and treats, and do so when you see it happening.

‘Give me your paw’ command

To teach your dog to give paw, you must first know how to make your dog sit on command. You can begin by placing a treat on the ground in front of the dog’s head. Once he sits, quickly put your hand under his paw and praise him. Then, repeat this command several times a day. The more consistently you practice the command, the easier it will become.

When you want to reinforce the behavior, tampon your dog’s paw with a treat. When he paws, he will know he’s been rewarded. You can also start with a different command each time you want your dog to stop pawing you. By mixing and matching the commands, you’ll be able to get your dog to give paws with much more ease.

Teaching a dog to give paw on command

Until now, paw on command was the most popular trick taught by dog trainers. However, it may not be as simple as it sounds. Teaching your dog to give paw on command can take a little time and patience, but it’s a skill that can pay huge rewards later on. First, train your dog to give its paw when called. Often dogs who have paw issues will respond better to non-crumbly treats. You can also use your voice when saying the command to get your dog’s attention.

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For the first step, get your dog to sit. When he’s sitting, hold your hand out to him and let him touch your hand. Give a treat when he makes contact with your hand and then say, “How do you do?”

Introducing a verbal cue to teach this command

Introducing a verbal cue to train a dog to give paw should start with a single command. You should observe carefully how the behavior takes shape in the beginning. When a dog responds correctly to a single command, the whole process will take place much more quickly. Keep in mind that dogs learn by repetition, so be sure to train your dog carefully and slowly.

When introducing a verbal cue, choose a simple verb. You can try ‘paw’, “give paw,” or any other word that resembles an animal, but keep it simple. The dog needs to associate the cue with a figure of authority. If you’re not one of those figures, you can try handshakes. During this time, offer a treat to the dog. Repeat this process with the same verbal command until the dog has become accustomed to the command.

Avoiding giving treats every time a dog gives paw

Many dogs will give paws as an apology. This gesture will be accompanied by appropriate body language and verbal cues. If a dog just wants basic acknowledgement, ignoring them is an excellent choice. Otherwise, they may be seeking attention or entertainment. Dogs who display a set pattern of behavior should be ignored. If this behavior continues, your dog will develop an anxiety disorder.

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