How to Teach a Dog to Play Dead

How to Teach a Dog to Play Dead

If you are wondering how to train a dog to play dead, you can begin by making the pistol signal. This hand signal can be made with the thumb and index finger of one hand or both, intertwined. Practice using the hand signal with verbal cues, then gradually replace the verbal cues with the visual cues. You can use treats as rewards when you are successful with the visual cue.

Cue word

Once your dog understands that the cue word is “dead”, begin working with the verbal cue. If your dog reacts to the verbal cue before responding to the visual cue, stop using the verbal command. Instead, use the visual cue and the word “release” as a trigger to make your dog respond to the verbal command. Then, give a treat to your dog when they play dead.

The gun trick is a popular trick that requires a hand signal or cue word. The pistol signal is created by making a shooting noise with your thumb or index finger. When your dog responds to the cue word, tell him to get down. Then, give your dog a treat and praise. Adding the play dead ending is easy once you know what to look for. If your dog responds to the visual cue, you’ll be surprised at how quickly he learns the trick.

Hand signal

To train a dog to play dead, you first need to give him a cue word. Most people use the verbal command “bang” and hold up their fingers as if they were holding a gun. Some people even use a funny question like “would you rather be a cat or a dead dog?” Once he performs a rollover with the correct cue word, reward him with a treat. You can gradually reduce the amount of rewarding your dog after he has performed the rollover.

After teaching your dog a play dead cue, you can introduce vocal cues. The first cue is’stay’. Your dog may also understand the stay command if it is placed in a certain position. The next step is to add a theatrical moan to reinforce the trick. This theatrical moan may be derived from the motion effort, anticipation of a treat, or excitement.

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Sleep-Stay time

When training your dog, try to avoid putting too many distractions around the stay. You need to build a firm foundation and avoid putting too many distractions at one time. Start by working with simple distractions in the home and gradually introduce more challenging distractions in different environments. Then, gradually increase the reward value of the stay. Once your dog understands the command, the stay will become easier.

The first step in teaching your dog to stay in its bed is a reward. Reward it with a treat when it lies down. Once it remains down, get back into bed and continue the process until your dog is acclimatized to being on its own. Gradually increase the time intervals until your dog will lie on its own. If your dog is reluctant to stay in its bed, start with a short stay in your room for a few minutes and reward it once it reaches that time.


Teaching a dog to play dead is a great interactive exercise for your pup. It is also a great exercise for you, as the act of playing dead is a good physical and mental workout. The first step in teaching your dog to play dead is to use treats as a reward. Choose treats that your dog loves, such as Duck or Kangaroo Tasty Chews. Treats are the best reward for this behavior.

Once your dog understands that “down” is the command to perform, try teaching him to roll over when called. This trick reinforces a relaxed state and builds a strong bond with you. Try practicing it around Halloween with friends or even strangers. Be sure to use a clicker to catch the desired behavior. Treats can also be used as a motivating factor to encourage your dog to perform tricks.

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