How to teach a dog to shake

How to teach a dog to shake

You can teach your dog to shake with verbal cues and rewards. As your dog gets better at understanding the shake command, you should phase out the treat altogether. Begin by rewarding your dog with a treat only a few times a day. Gradually, you can remove the treat completely and only reward your dog when they properly perform the shake command. However, don’t give up just yet!

Teaching a dog to shake

Training a dog to shake requires separate teaching of the left and right paws. When you hold out your left hand, your dog will offer its right paw, and vice versa. The key to teaching a dog to shake is the word “other.” If your dog understands the “other” command, you can substitute treats with happy praise and remove treats altogether. If you’re interested in learning more, there are a number of dog training classes offered by organizations like the AKC.

The first step in teaching a dog to shake is to call attention to your hand. Once you’ve captured your dog’s attention, call it over to you and hold out your hand to it. Make sure to reward him for shaking your hand. The reward should be a tasty treat, a treat, or both. If your dog does not respond to the treats, repeat the process and repeat until you can consistently get your hand in his paw.

Verbal cues

It is important to give your dog the same verbal cue for several times. Your dog may respond to the first cue more than once before he realizes that you are not using it correctly. If this happens, go back to small increments of time until your dog understands that the cue is not the same as offering the behavior. Then, try giving the cue again. This should work better for most dogs.

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After the dog understands the word “shake,” show your open hand. Hold the hand out in front of your dog and wait for a second before giving him the cue to shake your hand. Give him a treat or praise when his paw touches the hand. Gradually increase the time that you reward your dog for responding to the cue. As the dog becomes more confident, the verbal cue will become more powerful.


Training a dog to shake can help build a bond between you and your dog. Not only will training a dog to shake help build confidence, but it will also provide mental stimulation. Training your dog to do tricks also helps to alleviate anxiety in many dogs, as training provides a sense of accomplishment. Listed below are some great rewards for teaching a dog to shake. Read on to learn more! But first, let’s look at what rewards to use.

During the first training session, reward your dog with treats and praise every time it raises its paws. Start with treats and praise when your dog lifts his paws, and increase the time you give him a treat after each lift. Don’t reward your dog right away – wait until he offers his paw for a few seconds. This way, he’ll develop a stronger, more consistent behavior.

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