Saluki afghan hound mix

Saluki afghan hound mix

A Saluki afghan hound mix makes an excellent guard dog. This sighthound is generally quiet and a calm companion. As with any sighthound, they will bark if they see something wrong or suspect that someone is trying to rob them. This article will give you more information about the Saluki afghan hound mix, including its physical characteristics and personality. You can also learn more about how to train this dog and what breed standard is required.

Saluki afghan hound mix is a low-key guard dog

A low-key guard dog, the Saluki Afghan Hound mix is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-going pet that will not draw attention to himself. Typically, this breed has a short, sleek coat that does not shed excessively. Salukis come in a variety of colors, including black and tan, white, and fawn. They should be brushed on a weekly basis. They should be bathed less often than other breeds and do not smell like a typical dog. In addition, their long, silky tails and ears should be brushed and cleaned regularly as well.

It is a typical sighthound

The Afghan breed is an ancient dog native to the Sinai Peninsula. It is known to have been mentioned in Egyptian papyruses and even has images found in caves in northern Afghanistan. Originally banned from exportation, the Afghan sighthounds only made their way to Europe as contraband during the early 1900s. These dogs are incredibly fast runners and are excellent sighthounds. They were used to hunt many different kinds of game and were often trained to act as watchdogs.

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It is a calm, quiet companion

Although it may not be the most active of dog breeds, the Saluki is a gentle and quiet companion. They are gentle with older children and adults, but are not recommended for families with small children. Though this breed is tolerant of older children and is highly intelligent, it has a temper that can make training difficult. Here are some things to consider before bringing a Saluki home with you.

It is a guard dog

The Saluki is a powerful breed of guard dog, which was originally bred for hunting. Their prey drive makes them good guard dogs, but their temperament makes them not so great. They are a fast-moving breed, and will chase after anything fast and furry, even if you ask them to stop. They do best with ample exercise, and they enjoy running on a daily basis. They are happy to sit on your couch, but you should always provide a supportive dog bed for them. Their feet can cause calluses if they are on hard floors.

It needs creature comforts

The Saluki is an independent breed that loves to laze. This dog has a cat-like personality and can be irresistible to the right owner. It is a mix between an Afghan and a Greyhound. This powerful dog breed has an excellent temperament and is tolerant of a variety of situations. Despite their stubborn nature, they are very good with children and are generally tolerant of other canines.

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