How to teach a dog to drop it

How to teach a dog to drop it

A good rule of thumb to follow when teaching a dog to drop an object is to make it more valuable than the object itself. You can make your dog value a piece of food more than its actual value by taking it away. This technique works wonders in many cases and can be used to teach a dog to drop a ball or a toy. Taking things away from your dog also reinforces that you are more valuable than it is.

Taking things away from a dog makes it more valuable

Taking things away from a dog makes them more valuable is an effective way to discourage your pooch from guarding your possessions. Your dog may develop resource guarding behavior around any item, from a sock to a toy. In some cases, a sock can be your dog’s most prized possession – he may think of it as his Gollum! The open dishwasher has also been known to inspire resource guarding behavior.

When you take things away from your dog, you are teaching them to view your property as more valuable than their own. This behavior may appear to be a sign of dominance or insecurity, but it is actually a sign of mistrust. It can lead to destructive behavior. If you want to prevent your dog from growingling, you must first understand how it communicates with you. A dog who constantly cries or growls is likely to be mistrustful and insecure.

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